Your wedding day is meant to be a celebration of love and we can’t think of a better way to infuse it with joy and vibrancy than by using colorful flowers for your décor. Whether you’re drawn to soft pastels or bold, vibrant hues, incorporating a variety of colorful blooms can transform your wedding into a visually stunning and unforgettable event.   

A color palette that resonates with your style can make your wedding truly feel like you. Soft, muted tones like blush, lavender, and mint can evoke a romantic and elegant ambiance, while bold colors like magenta, royal blue, and gold can bring energy and drama to your big day.  

Here are some of our favorite ways our brides and grooms used color at their weddings –  






Breathtaking bouquets: The bouquet is an essential accessory, and using colorful flowers allows you to express your personality and style. These bouquets are truly a statement piece! 







Centerpieces that pop: Colorful flower centerpieces can instantly transform a reception table into a visual feast. Arrangements of varying heights and sizes, incorporating a mix of colors and textures. Accents like candles or colored glasses add an extra touch of charm. 








True statement pieces: These elevated works of art serve as both beautiful decor and a fun space for capturing candid moments. 








The sweetest desserts: Even the cake couldn’t escape color! For our more conservative couples, vibrant blooms on the cake are a great way to spice up the traditional white!  

 From the ceremony to the reception, these vibrant florals create a lasting impression and add an extra layer of magic to your celebration of love. We at VH Designs embrace the beauty of colors and love when our couples do too!