Wedding Design

Every couple has its own unique story. Every wedding should have its own special design to help tell that story.

VH Designs helps Chicago and Lake Geneva couples bring their unique narrative alive through luxurious wedding designs that blend the latest trends with touches of classic, timeless detail. With over three decades of event design experience, Vince Hart has experience to custom design weddings of all sizes, from those with hundreds of guests to small, intimate gatherings of close family and friends.

Vince’s Wedding Design Services include:

Full Wedding Design

Our expert team led by Vince will help you create and execute your entire wedding design — right down to each and every flower petal.

Color Palette Advisory

We’ll coordinate the colors of your event so that it matches your unique personality and tastes.


We collaborate with the most reputable vendors for your wedding to create a cohesive look and feel.

Floral Design

We’ll make your wedding story come to life with customized floral designs for your venue.

Start planning your dream wedding. Contact us today.