At the age of two Vince Hart, Chicago Event Designer and founder of VH Designs, was gifted “The Big Book of Flowers” which fueled his passion and love of floral, art, and architecture. Decades later, he is a sought-after Chicago event designer for parties big and small. Let’s get to know more about Vince Hart!

How did you get your start in event design?

I started working at a flower shop in college and discovered my passion for everything that grows. From there, I worked for major event companies for over 30 years which enabled me to learn and hone my expertise in event design and decor. Recently the opportunity arose to branch out on my own and it was too good to pass up and so VH Designs was born!

What do you love about having your own company?

Having my own company allows my creativity to shine while also shaping every aspect of the event design process. No project is too small for VH Designs. We do intimate parties as well as 500 person events. Every event is one-of-a-kind.
We work with our clients to make their dreams become a reality and tailor their event to be completely unique. I love to see the expressions of my clients when they see the final product. It is a priceless and rewarding moment.

What do you use as inspiration for designing events?

I am proudly from Chicago and I often find inspiration for my designs while I travel down Lake Shore Drive. Also, I’m constantly on the lookout for what’s current, in addition to appreciating classic design. I’ve always been a fashion guy and I look towards fashion and interior design for colors, styles, and moods that are relevant. I combine a little of everything to incorporate into my designs in new and unique ways. I don’t imitate, but instead strive to push the limits of event design to bring the most creative visions to life.

What events does VH Designs do?

No event is too small or too big for VH Designs. We design weddings, Bar-Bat Mitzvahs, social events, non-profit events, and holiday décor for businesses and homes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Giving back to my community is near and dear to me. I am involved in several organizations like the Goodman Theatre and Lakeview Pantry.

Do you still have the “Big Book of Flowers” book?

I do, and it remains one of my favorite books to this day.

If you’re interested in working with VH Designs for your next special occasion, call (312) 489-8871 to schedule an appointment or fill out the contact form online.