How has it been four years? In April we will celebrate this milestone.
VH Designs was a dream that began in 2020. It’s been quite a journey: building out a beautiful Chicago studio, curating an impressive inventory of goods and growing a recognizable brand. I have been lucky to know so many wonderful people who have guided and inspired me to always think outside the box. As we dove headfirst into starting VH Designs, I learned how fortunate I am to be surrounded by people who are my greatest cheerleaders. One of the first things I came to realize was the amount of time it takes to make a successful business. I have always had a strong work ethic and working with people who support that and help realize the vision is very rewarding. As someone who has been in the event and floral business for over 40 years, I have learned a lot about the everchanging tastes and style of design. Even though I am first and foremost an event designer, in taking on the challenge of building out our studio, I realized the passion I have for blueprints, space design and decorating! If you have been to VHD you know how much I love the wallpaper in our powder room.
Small businesses, as I have learned, are 24-7 nonstop engines that need constant attention and nurturing. I can easily confess, this is my baby! Our incredible team continues to grow as we add more and more events to the calendar. I can’t wait to see what year four has in store!